my battery keeps dying and the belt that is on the alternator came off HELP on 2000 Ford Taurus

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i was driving the car got hot and i guess the belt just came off
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You may have a bad water pump,the bushings in front may be worn,grab water pump pulley and see if it is loose ,wiggling from side to side ,also one of the accesorys such as power steering pump,alternator,or a/c may be freezing up.
okay so i should buy a water pump, power steering pump and a alternator?
Check the water pump first, if the shaft is tight and it spends freely its probaly ok.if you take the alternator to autozone they will test it for you.power steering pumps ussually leak or freeze up if there bad.It might be that your belt is just bad.
okay thanks!!! yeah i definitely think something is up with my power steering its so tight turning and power steering fluid doesn't help the way its supposed to.. also their is a line under my car that got hit by some wood in the street and it started leaking transmission fluid do you have any idea how much replacing that part would be ?
The line that got hit may be a power steering hose,if the pump was run to low on fluid it may have burnt it up.if it is the pressure hose the part may cost 30 to 50 dollars,the return hose will be less