My battery is dead and I locked my key in trunk on 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue

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How do I open the trunk now?
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Remove the back seat assembly!
I no that but i need the trunk itself open.I lost the key inside the trunk and there's to much stuff in the trunk to find it by going in through the back seat.So again how do i open the trunk itself.
Remove trunk latch bolts with a long extension and socket and lift trunk! Bet they aint in there anyway, most of the time left somewhere else, should be able to see them with a flashlight through back seat opening.
Open hood , charge battery , push trunk release button.
Don't the key need to be on to activate release?
If he'd get the key out of the trunk like you suggested , then we might find out if the key needs to be on!!!!!!
Yep but still needs to charge the battery so that would be the best place to start and see if it really has to be on. I have seen some that do but worth trying first.
Reckon it don't matter, evidently.
Thanks to all.I have popped the trunk by climbing in and lifting the lock.But the keys sure wasn't there.Now i have to pay $52 for a new set.Ugghh
I have done that a bunch of times for folks and the keys are rarely in the trunk in fact never for the customers i have had! One lady found hers in her coat pocket hanging in the closet about a week later! Maybe you will find yours somewhere and if your luck is like mine after you have paid for another set.
Ain't that the truth!