2004 Volvo XC90 Q&A

2004 Volvo XC90 Question: My awd isn't working in my 2004 xc90 I have no dash lights on at all

any solutions any help would be greatly appreciated. -
Answer 1
If no indicator's on, sure it is not working? How do you know, wheel spin? Won't climb the hill in snow? -
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wheels spin sliding all over the parking lot at work. only front tires pull rear spin -
Comment 2
Front tires pull rear spin?? That sounds to me like all wheel drive!! -
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if its awd why r rear spinning and my mech put it up on lift with mech in driver seat and hit the gas front went rear did nothing. but sit there like dead weight -
Answer 2
There is a "DSTC" button on your dash...depress the button while looking at message counter and it will read dstc off...wait few seconds and press the button again...this should reset the option if it still works...u may want to check your "Yaw sensor" if problem still exists as it controls the stability/anti-skid computer on car...its located under the passenger seat..a little difficult to reach...u can buy a used yaw sensor online for $85.00 or new for $389.00 -
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Ok so my boyfriend put the Volvo up on his rack in his garage today and the drive shaft going to the back of it turns. the rear wheels aren't though -