My auto stick stopped working. It will go in place but will not "engage" on 1999 Chrysler 300M

I can not use the auto stick to shift. The gear shifter will go in place but it doesn't register on the dash.

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Check under the shifter itself (you'll have to remove shifter and center console).Most common cause for this is believe or not "LOOSE CHANGE" as in coins and if not taken out before transmission damage consider yourself $Thousands$ Lucky!!Some people find this area a handy change holder, but beware! Found this out when I caught a friends kid using it like a slot stops the shifter from moving to the right in stick mode but not up or down in auto mode and if stuck in manual gear mode it may be too late. Good Luck, cross your fingers.
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Broken shifters are common on these cars. Get it to a shop.
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