My am/fm radio does not work for a 1994 Pontiac Sunbird. Why not? on 1994 Pontiac Sunbird

Occasionally the light for the clock and radio stations comes on, works for awhile and then no power or illumination. I tried 2 diff. ones and same things happen. Wiring harness looks in good shape. Someone said maybe BCM Body Contol module? Where is that? TY

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Check power and ground circuits with a test light/ voltmeter while the radio is still connected. If you have the power and good ground circuits then you just need to get a good radio. (Yea that would mean three bad ones)
TY. When checked I only have 1 power supply(yellow wire) and I assume that is for the clock but when the radio works I get 2 wire power supplies which is rarely. I can't figure out why the intermittent power supply? Including my radio I already have tried 3 radios. Fuses are good. What could cause the problem between the radio and the fuse box? Someone suggested the body control module. What is that? When it does work I can disconnect the radio and the radio still plays. I should sell tickets to that one. When it first happened a Gospel station was playing. I thought God was speaking ro me but turns out not because it does it on other channels
Run your own switched power circuit. Wire from a source that is switched off with the key.
TY. I may have to do that. On second thought that may not work. On these cars the cassette is seperate from the AM FM radio but their is only 1 clip in the rear of the radio that contros everything for the wiring and somehow feeds the cassette. I suspect the Am/FM radio is just a tuner and on off switch. if I feed power direct, whatever is causing the problem may react(relay?). If I cut the radio wire off and feed it key power it will just run the am/fm tuner not the cassette and if the radio guts are in the cassette, it will not even run the radio. The only explanation I can come up with the radio running even disconnected when their is power is that the radio guts are in the back of the cassette and the radio is only a tuner.
I have wired up more stereos than i can count! The radio controls it ALL. Cassette plays through the radio amp! You can always take it to an audio tech, or "have" another stereo installed.
The orange wire pin #10 should have power all of the time (RDO fuse #1), the yellow wire pin #9 should have power when the key is on (RDO fuse #2). Pin #5 black is the ground circuit.