My alternator went out, I was quoted it would be about $600.Is this about right? on 2006 Chrysler Town & Country

Chrsyler Town and Country 2006. Started making a whistling/whirring like sound then the battery light came on. Diagnostics testing said it was alternator. It was running at 12. when it should be at 13.7?

Your local auto parts store should have a way to test this without taking anything off, provided you can drive it there. My alternator on my 1992 ford taurus was going out, had it tested, took it off and got a rebuilt one from a local shop for around $100, put it back on myself, took 15mins but cars are differant as to how they are set up.
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if u can get it to running disconect your hot post from batterie if it remains running its you batt that is bad
AND that's an EXCELLANT way to fry your alternator and buy one wether you needed it or not in the first place. That method is OLD SCHOOL meant for 'old school' cars (prior to 1985 in many cases).Just get it done right and save money THAT way (doing it right once instead of several times cheap).Did it really need 'splainin'?