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1996 Mercury Sable Question: My alarm is going off

for some reason my car alarm goes off for No Reason. When I go to work, I lock the car (useing 1 chick only) I think that just locks doors, 2 horn honks setting alarm, and in about 15 min to an hour, my horn will just go off till I shut it off. I disconnected the battery for a few min to see if it might "Reset", but didnt work. It's driveing Me and my boss Crazzzzy -
Answer 1
Factory alarm or aftermarket? -
Comment 1
It's factory Im sure. I just looked at my pocket manual. -
Comment 2
Does it do this at other places when you arm the system say at home? Maybe someone messing with you @ work!! Try it to see. Do you really need an alarm? Just dont arm the thing, problem solved! -
Comment 3
it is the only place lately that I "Lock" my car. Nobody is messing with it foresure. I do park by highway but my manual said that alarm will only go off if doors or trunk are opened. not set on sound. No I dont need alarm here, but might need at times -
Answer 2
if aftermarket alarm disconnect and see if issues goes away. they have high failure rate -
Comment 1
I agree,, more nuisance than good anyway, especially when they fail to the point of no start! -
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