my airbag light would stay on then go off after a few minutes but now it stays on 2005 Buick LaCrosse

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Need to bring it to a shop that has a 'scanner' that will read SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) codes , to determine where the problem may be. That is the first step in diagnosing WHY the light is on. If needed , post the DTCs (codes) they retrieve here , for further assistance. NOTE= post code #s , NOT just the descriptions.
thank you. any chance this has to do with the ignition recall with GM or 2 separate issues?
not a clue on that , check with dealer. Was your car involved with that recall?
yes involved in recall
IF the SRS problem did not exist before the recall was done , I would probably inquire with dealer that performed the recall and maybe get code(s) read , then if related to recall work(loose connection somewhere for example) I would expect it fixed no-charge. However , if it proves to be un-related , have them give you a detail of the code(s) #s and post here , maybe someone can help.
here are the codes B0092-passenger presence trouble. 56-PPS internal fault or no communication he tightened wires and light gone for now? but he said if comes back replace module, does that sound right?