MY AC went out and I was just ripped off in California what can I do on 2003 Honda Accord

Took my car to a repair shop 2 weeks ago to get the AC fixed I was told it was the scan valve and dry canister $600 later I drove home with AC or so I thought within 2 days the AC went out took it back to the same mechanic and was told it a Dys. Resister which was fixed for $200 picked up my car yesterday to find a big hole in the rear bumper and my whole car smelled like Freon. My AC went out today and now the guy is saying that it is the compressor and he could not have known that without hit and miss with all the other repairs first….They are fixing the bumper but he is now saying $500 more for the AC Help is there any recourse to this problem I feel I am being rip off because I am a female 

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