My a/c pully is making sparks and sounds like a jig saw its loud what do i do? on 2002 Ford Windstar

my serpentine belt broke and i ran the engine with it off to baton rouge Louisiana from walker Louisiana and before i got to my mechanic shop it lost power and died i checked my oil its still black i had no water in my radiator it was dry what do you think I've done to it?

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If you didn't have water in the cooling system you may have killed the motor. Does it still crank?
Killed the motor,and probably the transmission as well.No one but a local will know where those towns are,so better to say how many miles you drove,without the belt.
If you're saying the car is currently running,your issue is just the a/c,sounds like the compressor seized and the a/c clutch is self destructing.