My ac isn't putting out any cold air. I have already checked for a leak. on 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

There isn't one big enough to leak out the charge as fast as it does. When I charge it it lasts about two weeks and it's gone. Not sure if is compreassor or it is inside the dash area?

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the stop leak has contaminated the system but most likely your evaparator core is leaking inside heater box
ok not what I wanted to hear, is this why the guy who was supposed to fix my ac which I paid him 600 dollars to do, did not even bother to fix it. Totally am not gonna pay that much to fix it will either sell the car or junk it. The cost of my ac would be more then my car is worth.
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When it has a charge in it someone will have to try to find the leak with a sniffer that is used to find the leak, if that doesn't work dye will have to be added to the system, so the leak can be found with a black light. Special tools and equipment are needed for this, so it will most likely have to go in for diagnostics.
Thanks have already run die through it. The leak wasn't big enough to do anything. Before I used the die like last summer, I charged it with stp leak sealant, it still leaked out.
Most shops will not even touch a system with sealant in it, as it is just epoxy and will destory their equipment. At this point you will most likely need an entire system replacement, including evap, condensor, compressor and all hoses. Look to spend 2-3 thousand dollars. AC sealant is like stop leak for tires it will slow the leak, or fix it for short times only, but will not be a permanent repair and can make finding the actual leak hard or impossible to find. AC shops (those that are MACS certified) have identifiers that will find the sealant and most will tell you that the system will need complete replacement. If you replace any parts and not the whole system those parts will fail as well due to the exopy in the sealant, and the warranty that the parts carry will be voided by the dealer/manufacturer.