My AC is warm the compressor is working with good freon level. what's wrong? on 2001 Honda S2000

I had the AC evacuatd and recharged last year.
They found no leaks. It started to get a little warm as the temp in AZ got hot. This year it was fine until 2 days ago. I went to turn it on and nothing. I added freon per instructions on DIY kit. Compressor turned on but it never got cold. Is there a part that might need replacing? The car has a 128k miles on it.There are no noises, whistles or loose nuts except for the one holding the steering wheel:)
Thanks for your help

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Please don't take offense, it's the one holding the steering wheel.
I've been doing this for forty five plus years and it amazes me that they allow these DIY kits on the market. Please take it to a Professional. I'm sure AZ has a few good A/C repair shops.
I hear you but I have a lift in my garage. I can rebuild transmissions, engines and rear ends. I just never had the "opportunity" to do my own AC system troubleshooting. I did, however, install a complete system in a 1958 Rolls Royce Silver Wreath Limousine. In essence, it's the challenge of being able to repair it myself. I have a couple of ideas of what may be wrong but I'd like some professional theory. Because when it's all said and done it will go to the shop for a evac and recharge but I am curious to know why a simple freon "blast" didn't work. I learned to rebuild engines, transmissions and rearends by taking them apart, seeing what was wrong and then rebuilding. The difference here is that the system is not all in one case. Your advice is my easy way out but doesn't educate me at all. I'm not thrilled about doing this work here in AZ at 110 degrees but I'm curious enough to want to know more about the system.
Contact me at or 239-220-5869 and we can talk. All of my 45+ of experience has been in the wonderful state of Florida. I've spent many a hour on repairing A/C systems.
From what you have posted we can fix this car.