My A/C is not working. My mechanic wants to replace the mister first. on 2003 Toyota Camry

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If the mister gets the condensor to work, then I wouldn't need a new condensor. Is that correct?
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never heard of a mister except for older people. get a 2nd opinion not sure he able to repair if he calls parts a mister.
What EXACTLY are the symptoms? The THERMISTER is simply put , a thermometer at a specific location next to the evaporater , used to measure temp. and shut the compressor off to keep the evaporater from freezing.Does your A/C work at all?
No my A/C stopped working without warning. The compressor just doesn't come one. The A/C switch on my dashboard blinks, instead of a steady yellow/green light. The fan control next to it works fine. I can blow vent air fine.
If it has been diagnosed correctly , then that is a possible cause. Do you trust the person/shop working on your car?
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i had one of these and found out there is a relay issue with this system. toyota sells an updated relay to fix the problem you might want to ck into that. relay costs approx 20.00
My car has 106,000 miles on it and is a 2003. Could the compressor just be worn out? I live in south Florida and have to use the A/C year round.
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