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2006 Ford Five Hundred Question: My AC compressor is shot and clutch is burnt up. Is there any way to bypass that

I already snapped 2 belts before I realized pulley was not moving. Is there a way to bypass without replacing the compressor. Every answer I have found is telling me no but I think it's bs I have to purchase a $300 part I don't care about to get my whole car to run. -
Answer 1
take the ac puly and belt off rap old belt around rest of pulys and measure it go get that size belt and put on excluding the ac basicly saying to just bypass the ac with a shorter belt they will tell u they dont have shorter belt at parts store so measure n just get that lenth put it bak on n same direction as old belt itl work unless ac is the idler puly wich i highly dought -
Comment 1
It looks like the belt won't route without rubbing. -