my a/c blows HOT full of freon my compressor works fine even wen cool ouside ven on 1998 Ford Crown Victoria

yes my a/c is blowing very hot air at all times ,wen turn vent on and is cool outside in morning it blows the same hot air, ckecked all fuses,compressor is fine and working, freon is full pipes very cold to the touch,just flushed coolant, i pulled in a shell station he was sayin a flab under dash was not opening what could it be , he said 300.00 if easy fix im decent with a wrench any advice plz would help thanks..

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Also, IF AUTOMATIC TEMP. control there is a heater cur off valve under the hood that may be open at all times!
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could be your blend door is broken or the actuator isnt working on some fords it could be a big youwill have tjob you will have to take the heater box out