2003 GMC Sonoma Q&A

2003 GMC Sonoma Question: My ABS light stays on. Front hubs are a year old.

I test the speed sensors in the front hubs and on the rear of the transfer case. I got no resistance on one side and also at the speed sensor on the transfer case. On one speed sensor I had 1140 ohms. Anybody know what the resistance ranges are for the speed sensors? -
Answer 1
scan codes and post so we can adv -
Answer 2
I purchased a new $300 ABS scan tool for $60 dollars online. In the end I replaced the electronic controller inside the ABS module for about $150 bucks online from a guy who repairs and rebuilds the electronics only. Much cheaper and easier than replacing the whole module ($800) and bleeding hydraulic system. Sensors use reluctance like the reluctor in the distributor so a zero ohm reading doesn't necessarily mean its bad. I don't know what they cost either. -