my abs light came on, took it light was cut off, later came back on. on 2003 BMW 530i

what are possible problems

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scan codes and post and we will adv
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BMWs have brake sensors on them that go off for a few reasons. Have your fluid checked. Have the wear on the pads checked and have the sensors checked. Now if you have had all this done and they are still lighting up check the rotors as a last resort.
You have two front and two rear ABS sensors, wired into the back side of your rotor housing. More than likely one of them is faulty, or the wire is broken. If it is the abs module, the light would be constant and the car would limit your speed to 45mph. If you want to spend $150, buy all 4 and replace. If you want to test each one, the front ones are usually $18-40, and the rear ones are usually $15-45 online. Expect to pay $50-80 at the local parts store, or up to $150/per at the dealer...