1999 Dodge Ram Van 1500 Q&A

1999 Dodge Ram Van 1500 Question: My 99 Dodge van won't start! It's turning over. Could it be plugs and wires?

It has spit and sputtered upon taking off, and now won't start. It is turning over, but won't start. We've had the van for 8 years and have never changed the plugs or wires. It has 110,000 miles on it. -
Answer 1
110,000 miles without regular maintenance may be your problem. But a proper diagnosis will prove benficial. Throwing parts at a car expecting a quick fix isn't the way to go about it. Find a reputable shop to check the van for you and find the problem(s). -
Answer 2
you need spark, fuel and compression, one is not present. -