my 98taurus died and now engines locked up any sugestions on 1998 Ford Taurus

when i started driving it acted like it wasnt picking up speed right then it just died . now the engines locked up.

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I agree with wetry
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You will be shopping for another car this Christmas.
What engine do you have DOHC/PUSHROD? Was the oil level correct?
Who checked it and said it is locked up? Any noise or warning lights just before this happened? Need more input!
Any noise like a drive belt might have been squealing? Poss. driven componet locked instead of engine.
Just for the heck of it remove drive belt and try to start the engine.
tow it to your mech and get an est. but i agree withwetry also
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Does it matter enough to reply to any of the suugestions (and I agree with wetry). Merry? Christmas.
No i dont think any of this really matters, cause we never know what the outcome is. So, hell i agree with wetry too.
That ol pushrod motor was tough as nails though! But not without oil.