1997 Pontiac Bonneville Q&A

1997 Pontiac Bonneville Question: My 97 pontiac 3.8L stalled on way to work is it crank or cam sensor

It won't start only turns over also water pump started leaking earlier same day what do you think. -
Answer 1
I think you should get the water pump fixed first and scan test for codes -
Comment 1
I agree however car doesn't start and I assume all codes have been cleared due to disconnecting battery to work on water pump. Also I am the farthest thing from a rookie at mechanical repairs been fixing all my own stuff for 25 years from logging skidders to weedeaters to foreign cars. So I realize the obvious things just didn't want to read the whole damb book and test a bunch of sensors if someone else has had this experience thanks. -
Comment 2
If your that experienced then I assume you checked for spark and fuel pressure? If you have no spark I would start with the crank sensor which is a common problem with those vehicles.... -
Comment 3
Thank you and yes I did check those things and have both fire and fuel so that sends me in the direction I was thinking cam sensor being located rate under the leaking water pump. May not be right but that's my guess thanks again -
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no problem thats what we are here for, good luck... -
Answer 2
crank sensor -