My 97 Geo Prism sounds like its bogging out, I turn it over and it has no spark. on 1990 Geo Prizm

My bf took the spark plug out and did w.e to test it and said it had no spark. For awhile if it would rain I would have to spray the injectors and the distributor cap and area around it with brake fluid and wd40 to dry it out to get a spark. Than one day my bf was driving it in the rain and got about 25 miles away from where he started the car and the car just bogged out and we had to tow it into his garage thinking after it dried out it would get spark well still no spark and there she sits.. Somebody please help me..

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first of all, STOP spraying brake fluid all over your distributor cap and injectors! then, check the insides of the distributor cap to see if it is soaked with brake fluid and WD40 (which i think it is already) i suspect that the ignition pickup is fouled up in your distributor and you need to clean it out.
Ok I will stop I was just told that the Wd40 would replace the water amd after spraying it with it it would spark and start. So all I should do is clean the cap out or should I replace it? How do I know if the cap is bad? I am a female that is to an extent mechanically inclined I can follow orders real well or do what I'm told but if I don't know what I'm looking for than I don't know what I am doing. And obviously spraying it with that stuff was bad?Thanx I have a friend that thinks he's so smart and good with cars but I had thought he was clueless and now I am realizing he's probably causing more damage than anything.