My 97 Ford Expeditions Check engine light came on blinking while driving 75mph on 1997 Ford Expedition

This happened 3 months ago and mechanic replaced plungs cords and coil. What is causing it this time? 5.4 L engine with all the bells and whistles. Automatic 4 WD XLT edition

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most likely misfires but scan codes and post so we can adv. could be bad insulators if they weren't repl also
I got codes p0304, cylinder 4 misfire and p0171 System adaptive fuel too lean Bank 1
so you have lean bank 1 and misfire #4 ck that cyl and ck for poss vac leak on bank 1
OK thanks so much!
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you might want to get the computer reprogrammed and for the codes you pull, the dts codes are generic and they will or should have every code that has ever come up. after extensive research and reading 100's of forums from various companies I found that the "Hypertech Max" Programmer was just what I was looking for. few questions, where do you fuel ur suv??? what Octane do you use 85/87/93??? who does your oil changes???