My 96 Toyota Camry is having idling issuses. on 1996 Toyota Camry

It would drive fine for a few but when slowing down for turn or red light/stop sign it would idle real low. unless i put it in neutral it would die. just recently changed the TPS but it still idled low. tried to idle it higher(without machine to check readings) and made it worse. found out from here should check and clean TB & IAC. doing that now but how do i now i have it idled correctly without machine? and do you think this will fix problem.

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also poss idle air control or dirty throttle body,try a can of seafoam to clean and follow direction on can
Ty already cleaned it.
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Maybe, maybe not. Do you have any check engine codes? If so, please post them. One possible problem is a vacuum leak, usually from somewhere on the PCV valve hose somewhere.
Check engine light never came on. trying to clean TB but can't get the 2 screws off the metal plate right above the blades. do i need to continue to try and get them off or is it irrelevant? ok where is the PVC? have checked the air induction (hose with the box attached to it that connects to TB) and it had no holes,cracks,nothin.
Check all hoses going to air intake for holes or cracks. All need to be checked and 1 is the PCV hose. Any breaks in the vacuum to the engine can cause this issue.
Pcv valve is bad! ty for help on that. now if u could give me the proper name for the machine i need to set the TPS correctly id greatly appreciate.