my 96 impala keep running hot! i changed the water pump thermastat and temp sens on 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS

what else can it be?

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Any oil in your coolant? How well do your cooling fans come on when the Chevy gets hot? If there is oil in the coolant, could be a bad head gasket, if the coolant ever got thick like GM dexcool does, then your radiator could be clogged.
I hope it not the h.g. There's no oil in coolant I pray its the radiator! But thanks for the feedback
spark plugs or ignition coils if u let them go for much longer ur gona need a new gaskit or new car also make shure u put the fan back in an pluged it in if it diesnt turn on its a blown oter
i changed the plugs and put a new water pump on it and it still running hot and a new thermastat
check your air filters. did you modify the engine?