My 96 Grand Marquis keeps blowing the fuse when I turn on the air. on 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis

I have replaced the fuse several times in the last week. The first time I replaced the fuse, it worked for a few hours, since then it blows right away. If I replace the fuse and don't turn on my ac, it doesn't blow-I know this because my turn signals go out when the fuse does. Is it a short in the compressor?

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I have the same problem with a '98 Grand Marquis. Did you ever get it figured out? I can't turn on the defrost without loosing my turn signals. I've had it in to a shop a few times but they can't repeat the problem. It won't pop unless I'm moving. Thanks.
Im having the same problem with my 97 grand marquis as well. Any leads on how to fix?