1996 Mercury Grand Marquis Q&A

1996 Mercury Grand Marquis Question: My 96 Grand Marquis keeps blowing the fuse when I turn on the air.

I have replaced the fuse several times in the last week. The first time I replaced the fuse, it worked for a few hours, since then it blows right away. If I replace the fuse and don't turn on my ac, it doesn't blow-I know this because my turn signals go out when the fuse does. Is it a short in the compressor? -
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I have the same problem with a '98 Grand Marquis. Did you ever get it figured out? I can't turn on the defrost without loosing my turn signals. I've had it in to a shop a few times but they can't repeat the problem. It won't pop unless I'm moving. Thanks. -
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Im having the same problem with my 97 grand marquis as well. Any leads on how to fix? -