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1995 Nissan Altima Question: my 95 Altima 5-speed standard is in great shape but recently it lacks power

My altima (standard shift) lacks power and it stalls while the air conditioner is running. It idles great but after running for a while and after using the A/C it gets very low on power while taking off and dies sometimes. I will push flat on the gas pedal and it goes no where for about 5-10 seconds but later catches up. -
Answer 1
Not enough info. Is check engine light on? One possible cause could be a restricted Catalytic converter. Need more input to help you. -
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Thanks for your response. I have no check engine lights on at this time. i changed EGR, Mast Airflow Sensor,fuel pressure regulator and I still have that nasty dragging/hesitation and when the excelarator pedal is flat to the floor I feel resistence. I took the catalytic converter off and took to the Auto Parts store to get me a new onebut they seem to think it looks good. There is no break down of the mesh etc. I'm puzzle!! -
Answer 2
check the charging system/battery cond. -