My 95 a6 quattro stutters and dies unless I press the gas pedal to the floor on 1995 Audi A6 Quattro

It don't happen at any specific times seems to b worse when under a quarter tank of gas I replaced the spark plugs. When I press the pedal to the floor it only gets to 4000 rpm and no faster than 40 mph it still stutters then after a few seconds to a minute the rpm go way up and its fine sometimes ir will do it again rite away and some times its good for a while and the engine light comes on sometimes and goes back off

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My best guess would be to have the fuel filter changed. Sounds like you are picking up dirt. Also you might try a bottle of heat in your tank when it is about half full. Then see if it happens when you get to a quarter of tank. If it does not happen it means you had water in your tank.