My '94 V6 4runner gets terrible gas milage on 1994 Toyota 4Runner

i just bought it 3 weeks ago, engine seemed to be strong on the test drive. However, on a recent trip last week, i only got 217 miles on a full tank of gas. ive checked all the vacuum lines, none are missing or damaged, air filter is clean, and no check engine light on. only thing that i havent done yet is replace the spark plugs. What else should i check or be looking for?

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That was one of their weak points! Expect to AVERAGE 14 mpg.
Sorry but that's about all you are going to get as it is 19 yrs. old and never did do much better on mpg!
Google a 2013 and check mpg. Any 4x4 auto trans. dont get good gas mileage, unless it is one of those little struggle buggys, manual trans. wont help much either. Anyone who says they are getting on AVERAGE more than 20 mpg is ------ mistaken! On any make not just Toyota.
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poss ck fuel trim and see if its running rich.or listen to #1
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