My 94 mazda b3000 died on me while driving. on 1994 Mazda B3000

I towed it back home to run some test. Long story short it has good fuel pressure, and good spark. It will also crank over just fine but I cant get it to start, even with starter fluid. Im baffled? Please help

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It can't have both ,it would start ,did you check injector pulse..
How would I check that? And even if something was wrong with the injectors. Wouldnt it at least fire with starting fluid? If only for a few seconds? And when I pulled the spark plugs they smelled strongly of gas. So wouldnt that mean it is gettin fuel to the cylinder?
Its not injectors , youre checking injector wirig with a noid light to see if it pulsing
The injector, if it doesnt theres an electrical problem , computer , fusable link,etc..
Okay all injectors are pulsing, all plugs are new and firing with good voltage
. Good battery, cranks just fine. Could it be a problem with the timing?
Exactly , sound 99%
Your smokin hots
It jumped time or broken parts ..
Smoking hots? And what would cause it to jump time?
And update- I thought mabey it would be the ignition control module. So I pulled it off, brought it to autozone and it tested bad. So I replaced it but still didnt solve the problem.
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i bet your distrubiter is not turning mine keeps breaking a tooth off the gear i only have 69000 miles on it don't know why it breaks