My 94 cutlass suddenly does not start on 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

94 Cutlass will suddenly not start.
Last fall 2009 my 94 cutlass ciera (218,000 miles or 350,000 KM) started and ran fine but in the spring 2010 the car would not fire or start.
In 2005 the intake gasket was replaced as well as the injectors due to engine oil disappearing into the coolant. Immediately there was a 20 percent drop in fuel efficiency right out of the shop until the fall 2009 when I stopped using the car for the winter.
Symptoms & Observations
Pump does not prime when key turned on. Had Fuel pump and fuel filter replaced but the fuel still does not prime when key is turned on. Then I energized red fuel pump test wire beside relay. Pump in tank runs, another device inside of engine runs then I tested fuel pressure. I get 40 lbs on the rail and the pressure holds for a long time. Cranked engine after pressurized but the engine did not fire. Then I tried to start the car leaving the test wire energized and pump running but will it not fire or start. I put some gasoline into the air intake and the car fires for a few seconds. I took out the computer from under the glove compartment. There were two computer units. I smelled to see if there was a burned smell to either one but there was not. I reinstalled the computers carefully.
Three questions:
So how can there be 40 pressure in the rail and the car will not fire when cranked? Does the computer control the injection / injection pulse?
Why doesn't the fuel pump prime when key is turned on?
Which sensor is likely a potential culprit, if any?
Does this sound like an ECM problem?

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In the end I took the car to a local machanic and paid through the nose. (Like really, what other outcome could have there been here?) The only problem was a broken wire under the hood. After fixing the wire the car started. He didnt explain why the car didnt start when the i powered the pump by test wire. But whatever.