my 94 civic leaks engine do i fix it? on 1994 Honda Civic

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i don't see any oil on the ground when i park,but on the crankcase i see some greese oil layers and my oil level goes down fast.
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How many miles are on your Civic/ During your ownership have you frequently changed the engine oil? Look at the tail pipe and rear bumper do you see black oil reside?
Start you car from cold. The tail pipe should have "smoke" coming out that is pretty clear to white in color. If on initial start up you have a cloud of blueish grey smoke you may have worn valve guide seals or possible worn piston rings. Get a friend to follow you on the freeway, do they notice blue smoke out the exhaust as you accelerate? Allow the car to idle for 5 minutes then rev the engine while someone observes the tail pipe so you see blue smoke or smell oil vapor? The engine may be worn or need oil seals and gaskets replaced in the engine to address oil loss.