my 94 blazer keeps shutting off on 1994 Chevrolet Blazer

new trans,fuelpump,filter,flywheel,spider(fuelinject) hoses, waterpump, radiator,starter,cati-converter,computer,ign-module,, truck runs great but when temp reaches normal 1/2 on gage it boggs n when i give it more gas it turns off n will not start for about 4 hrs sometimes i have to get a jump n sometimes it will just start right up like nothing wrong cant go more than a mile , it runs great n will stay on when in driveway can u help , ive taken it to 2 shops 1 backyard mach n chev dealer they put in ign-mod but still ran the same wanted to replace computer but i did a week before can not find what or why it shuts down its not over heating

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poss fuel injection spider leaking into intake manifold. drive car around for a while then pull 2" round plug off top of intake and ck for excessive fuel in plenium. the fuel inj spider has a cust assistance program from gm for like 10yrs 200k mile if that helps.
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