my 92 Dodge Dakota has no fire. on 1992 Dodge Dakota

the crank sensor was changed and the Distributor was changed last year but steal no fire.

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2 questions were did you buy crank sensor and is there pwr at coil?
the crank sensor came from O Reilly auto parts,and no pwr at coil.
if yu can't scan data suspect poss bad sensor
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Poor Boy, good thing your truck is not on fire, and pity the guy who stole your fire...
Matches are free?
Matches are free...ONLY if you buy a pack of cigarettes.
Here a "copy" of my answer to another post (for a trouble shooting suggestion):
There appears to be a few of these problems on this site for 1990s model Dakotas. If yours is like my 1992 Dakota (and a few others) it will stay broke for a day or two and then magically start working normally. I have changed all the sensors and computer and it still acts up intermittently.

QUESTION: I noticed on another post that the Dakota owner would sometimes have to move the shift lever from PARK to NEUTRAL before the starter would engage (indicating that the neutral safety switch is acting up). My Dakota does the same thing occasionally. Although I do not understand why, someone has suggested that the neutral safety switch does have an input into the computer's control of the engine spark. Does your Dakota have a problem with the neutral safety switch? I may change mine to see if it makes a difference.