2001 BMW 740iL Q&A

2001 BMW 740iL Question: My 740il just started skipping while I was driving. I replaced the MAFS and..

Went to Advance Auto, they ran a diagnostic, they said it was a misfire and recommended changing plugs. Smoothed out a little but still got a miss. What else could it be if diagnostic said it's a misfire? -
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diag only gave you a code number not anything else. a missfire can come from low compression. spark plug, coil, injector or vacuum leak. this is why you pay a real shop with a real tech a diag fee. advanced are parts salesman only. Roy -
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Thanks for the response, but you didn't have to be so snotty about it. -
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sorry, not snotty or anything like that. people are under the impression that free code pulls are real diags and they are not. we charge for our diags because we stand behind our calls. we dont just try and sell you parts, just good service. i dont care for these free code pulls as it mis leads everybody into thinking the answer is easy. sorry, but i just dont want you to throw any more parts at it till you get a real diag Roy -