My 525i wont start turns over but will not start has fuel pressure at fuel rail. on 1995 BMW 525i

has pressure up to fuel rail no fuel in the return line.
it started after i removed fuel pump ran 10 min turned it off for 2 hours would not restart i checked spark ok has fuel, relays are good ,it has a vacuum thing on the front of the fuel rail it has pressure up to there (does it need a certain amount of pressure or could that vacuum thing be bad )when key is on should the fuel pump return line have fuel in it

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seek daig and est from your mech
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It will be hard to test this further without diagnostic equipment. You need three basic things to start your engine: good engine compression, fuel, and good ignition spark. If you're suspicious of fuel I would recommend basic fuel pressure tests next. One test you could do, if you're careful not to cause a fire, would be to remove the fuel rail with the injectors, wiring, and fuel lines attached. Then have someone crank the engine and see if you're getting good fuel spray out of the injectors. Of course be very careful because this is a potential FIRE HAZARD.
it seems you need use BMW ICOM to check it.