my 4runner w/ 206K mi replace engine or buy a new car? on 2004 Toyota 4Runner

my 4runner w/ 206K mi just broke down & it appears to be the head gaskets,usually will do the timing chains as well since most of the cost is the labor. debating if we should just replace the engine on a car with 206K mi or buy a used car. really dont want a car payment! if the engine will get me another couple years then i might do that.
mechanics out there, thoughts? We do drive a good amount & go the beach a few times a year which is about 6.5 hours away, so we need something reliable.

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V6 engine , since you say it has chain , not belt. To answer your question best , the condition of the rest of the vehicle would have to be known. Do you have a mechanic or shop that you trust with your money?..........and truck? ........IF all else has been well maintained , I would probably go with a good used engine. If it was my own , I wouldn't worry about just head gaskets and chain set , but that's with knowing who's doing the work(me). Personally , mileage, by itself , on most any engine , doesn't mean a whole lot. The type of driving , and maintenance, seems to make the bigger difference , from what I've seen. ............ONE opinion. Good luck
thanks...yes, pretty good condition overall I think. We've had a great mechanic for the last 3 years(had truck since 2005). He really tries to help us out a much as possible, throws in parts at his cost and lets us make payments whenever if gets high in costs. We do a good amount of driving.
Thanks for the reply , hope everything goes well and you can keep enjoying your trips!