My 2012 Eos has traction control and flat tire warning light coming on, on 2012 Volkswagen Eos

dealership said its showing no error codes, can't fix problem, also it lost power when trying to pass a car

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Are the warning lights on when the dealer checked it? AND they say they CAN'T fix it????
No the lights went off after I restarted the engine, they said that they didn't show any faults on the computer , so they don't know what caused it , so they can't fix it. also the car has a keyless ignition and now the dash shows key not in range when its in my pocket, so I can't start it, sometimes its as much as 5 minutes before the car will read the key, the battery is new. This car is cursed !
Sounds like you need to speak with someone at the dealership that will work with the car and you , until the symptoms can be duplicated , don't take 'no' for an answer! Also do you have more than one 'key'? Also try unplugging any power adapters/chargers just in case they are causing interference ...Becoming a more common problem with all the wireless devices.