my 2009 chevy cobalt is a 5 speed and when you start driving around 2 25 rpms it on 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt

starts bucking. i have had the check engine light come on indacating it was the mass flow air censore. chaged it twice. helped for awhile but thats it. the check engine light is now on again and really bucking but we know its not the mass air flow cens. i thought it had to do with humidity in the air because it seemed to act up when its really hot and humid out but it does it all the time now. i put sea foam in the gas thinking that would maybe do something but nothing.every time you shift and it gets at the 2 25 rpms thats when its the worst but it will continue to do it off and on at any speed.

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The computer is recognizing your air not correct according to the information programmed. That doesn't mean the MAF is the proper fix. Other circumstances could be the problem, and the computer says the problem is the MAF. This is an information source for us to recognize the area of the malfunction. Check for intake air leaks after the MAF to the intake throttle, or other vacuum leaks. A smoker would be real helpful. It could be another area with fuel supply, or another sensor. At this point it should scanned for engine management diagnosis before replacing more unnecessary components.
thanks for the info.
Have made a lot of different repairs with a MAF fault code. Good Luck.
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