My 2008 Mazda 3 (2.0) engine is running loud and very rough. on 2008 Mazda Mazda3

I know it needs new spark plugs and replace air filter but doubt they are the problem. The check engine light is NOT coming on. I have heard about engine mount problems with Mazda 3. Is this a possability? How about needing a valve adjustment? The vibrations get very bad at 50 mph and above.

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the loud is most likely an exhaust leak. that leak will cause other drivability issues. fix that first then go after the rough running. it may be a motor mount but you would complain about other issues if that was the case.
if you know it needs plugs why have you not changed them??

I think your answer is right on. This morning I got a friend who works at a local repair facililty in Annapolis to listen to the engine and the first thing he said was have them put it on a rack check the exhaust. He also said to not have anyone touch the valves. Not causing the problem I am discussing. Will be at the local muffler shop on Friday. Having a 90,000 mile go over on Monday and that will include new sparks, filters etc..

Thank you much!