My 2008 Civic is making a chirping noise when it idles. on 2008 Honda Civic

I have noticed a problem with my car making a very loud chirping noise on the drivers side when I have my foot on the brake. When I let my foot of the brake and am moving the noise stops. I recently had the engine block replaced, (under a recall warranty), and also the radiator was replaced last year. Any thoughts?

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Have belt tension checked...they are on the drivers side..... applying brake changes engine rpm and load.... could cause belt chirp!!!!
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Are you moving with the foot on the brake or sitting still. Just thinking maybe the brake pad wear indicator.
Thank you for responding to my question. The problem appears to be only when I am stopped and have my foot on the brake pedal. Stops immediately when I take my foot off the brake.
So you are in gear with your foot on the brake. Is your engine moving like maybe a mount is bad or loose.
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