My 2006 Chevy Malibu SS hard-shifts at 15,30 & 45 Mph. Check-engine light on on 2006 Chevrolet Malibu

The problem of hard-shifting at 15, 30 & 45 mph happens every time I am stopped and start to drive. In December, the local dealership said the pins in the TCM needed to be replaced ($400 and 17 days later). Within 2 weeks, the same exact problem started again. Their next diagnosis was that the Transmission Harnesses were shorting and needed to be replaced for an estimated $1100. Today they call back and say it's not the transmission harnesses but they found water in the transmission. They asked when the last time my radiator was replaced which was 2 years ago. They have misdiagnosed my troubles twice in less than 2 months. The dealership is now telling me that the problem isn't the transmission harneses but that I need a new transmission. The car has 132k miles. It's been a wonderful car almost trouble free. Could the problem be anything else besides a faulty transmission? I hope you can help! Tammy

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what are the codes u have, please post so we can adv
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I have a 06 malibu ss and mine was doing that. There is a airflow sensor on your thing where the air filter is it has to be plugged into the side of that hose that goes to the air filter. Mine was hard shifting until i finally checked under the hood. Well the sensor was unplugged, I plugged it back in and the hard shifting was gone and it was back to normal. Now I have something else going on with it with the fuel gauge. Always something isn't it. lol.