My 2005 GTO over heated, but there was still water in radiator ?
on 2005 Pontiac GTO

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I drove 3 miles from work an notice the temperature gauge rising rapidly. I pulled over to put water in the radiator, but it was still full of water and the fan was running. I had the car towed home. what should I do ?
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It might not be due to a lack of coolant, rather it could be a failing cooling fan engine or a thermostat stuck closed. If either of these two things begin to fail they can cause overheating. From my experience you can test the cooling fan by removing the cooling fan relay and with a jumper wire testing to see if the fan kicks on-if not this is your problem. For the thermostat, you would have to remove it and test it in a bowl of hot water making sure it reaches proper operating temperature to see if the thermostat opens. If for example your thermostat is supposed to open at 170F and it does not when testing then this is your problem.