2005 Ford F-250 Super Duty Q&A

2005 Ford F-250 Super Duty Question: My 2005 Ford F250 5.4 has the check engine light on.

Advanced Auto ran the scanner and 2 codes came up P0456 and P0455 truck just turned 40,000 miles. Anyone having this problem or know what needs to be fixed? Thanks for any info, because can't afford a new truck!!! -
Answer 1
Evap system leak.Check your gas cap is tight.Get a shop with the IDS system to run a live evap test and check software(Like Ambler Tire).Advance auto or auto zone dose not have the capability to do this.We charge $90.00 to do this.It may also need a smoke and pressure drop test.This can run an additional $60.00. We are not far from you.Call us if you want it fix right 215-646-9150. -
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