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2005 Chrysler Crossfire Question: My 2005 Crossfire will not start on occassion and will shutdown while driving



Drcnh3, Mobile, AL, January 29, 2014, 07:51

I have a 2005 Crossfire. Starting two and one half years ago the car would occasionally not start. When turning the ignition key the instrument panel lights would illuminate but the car would not have a signal to start. There was absolutely no noise from the engine compartment. I first thought the lack of starting was somehow heat related, as the failure to start seemed to occur on hot days and generally in the afternoon. The failure to start progressed over time to include the car shutting down while in operation. Now the car is undependable as it fails to start and will shutdown frequently while in operation. There is no common thread or pattern that can be discerned.
I have read the various posts about this car. I have visually examined the RCM. The module looks pristine. I believed I detected a hairline crack in one solder joint when examining it, thought it may have been wishful thinking. I re-soldered the joint. The car ran well for a few days and then one morning it failed to start. The car had been in the garage overnight. A few days later it started up with no issues.
I elected to replace the Crankcase Position Sensor (not a Bosch brand). Once replaced, I started the Crossfire and it started immediately. I decided to let the car run since the engine had not run for two weeks. I walked away from the car for about 15 minutes. When I returned it had quit running. All the instruments lights were illuminated. I immediately attempted to restart the car. The engine turned over well (normally) but would not start. I disconnected the battery thinking the computer needed to “reset” because of the new CPS. After 15 or so minutes I reconnected the battery. I attempted to restart the car. As before, the engine turned over well but would not start.
The Crossfire started the following day.
I would appreciate any suggestions anyone would care to offer.

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    Greg's Orange Auto (14968 Answers) , Orange, CA - (714) 361-9386
    globalhelper January 29, 2014, 08:57

    do you have any eng codes? could be crank sensor

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    Drcnh3, January 29, 2014, 20:22

    I do not own or have access to a device which can read the codes.

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  • Answer #2

    June 26, 2014, 07:32

    I dont have a suggestion ,but have the same problem. Did you resolve the issue? Please let me know.

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