my 2004 nissan quest just started doing this when I try to excelarate it dosen't on 2004 Nissan Quest

with the gas feed to the floor it acts like it can barley move.Once up to speed its ok, until I have to stop and get speed to come up. Why is it doing this?

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Check engine light on??? Manually put it in low gear before you start out and see if that helps. Possible trans. not downshifting properly. (If auto. trans) if it were the cat. it would not recover at any speed! You say it is ok once you get up to speed, so i'm thinking trans. shift trouble. Also light should be on if exhaust is restricted that bad. Let us know how it turns out.
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Have your cat. converter checked for proper exhaust flow. Replace if needed.
You may have a bad cat. converter. Have it checked before replacing.