My 2004 kia sorento hesitates on start. I have replaced plugs and wires. on 2004 Kia Sorento

I have also cleaned throttle body. Seems to shake a bit at idle as well. My check engine light is on.

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scan eng codes and post so we can adv
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have codes scanned and post them so we can advise..
prior to replacing plugs and wires and cleaning throttle body, the codes were p0441, p0300, p0306, pp0305, p0303 and p0302. p0441 is the evap and i have checked my e vap control valve and it is clicking so is working fine ? The engine is rough at idle. could this be an o2 senser ? I also found that the egr valve on the intake manifold is taking in air at the air intake. but as there is no vacum hose exiting the valve and only 1 going in i suspect that this is normal ? The vehicle also seems to lack as much power as I believe it should have. I have disconnected the battery and cleared the engine light. It takes 2 days to come back on if not corrected now.
just because the evap solenoid clicks doesnt mean its not leaking, the other codes are misfire codes and when you have 3 cylinders misfiring on the same side usually indicates a timing belt problem, check or have someone check the condition and line up of your timing belt, also if you need to have the timing belt changed be sure to replace the tensioner as well,and use a quality belt, i have seen some complaints that the dayco belt jump so seek out a quality part to save youself some agrevation..
i asked the dealer if it could be the timming belt and they seem to think not.
i plan on seeing them on friday but i'm trying to avoid that cost. Any other suggestions ?
To replace the timming belt is a huge expense and should probably be done at the dealer.
if it is replaced by a dealer or other garage it would still be expensive as labor costs are rediculous
but the other option would be if you know someone that works on cars that could perform the work if you are not ableto do it yourself.