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2013 Toyota Sequoia Question: My 2003 toyota sequoia will start and then stop. But will start the second time.

My 2003 sequoia will start and then stop a few seconds later. But will start and run on the second try. Also it runs fine until I give it a lot of gas, then it's starts to buck. There are no vacuum leaks, I've changed the fuel filter and mass air flow sensor with no change. Any ideas? -
Answer 1
See dealer for warranty. -
Comment 1
There is no warranty. Do you think I have a low fuel pressure issue? -
Comment 2
Sorry didn't read correctly. Possible low fuel pressure, need to get it tested. Any computer codes? Also possible coil on plug, should set code. -
Comment 3
The only code was for a bad MAS, so I changed it. But that didn't fix the problem. I wanted to change the throttle position sensor, but on this year you have to replace the whole throttle body (about a $1000.00). I guess checking the fuel pressure is next. Do you have any other ideas? Thanks -
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