My 2003 toyota sequoia will start and then stop. But will start the second time. on 2013 Toyota Sequoia

My 2003 sequoia will start and then stop a few seconds later. But will start and run on the second try. Also it runs fine until I give it a lot of gas, then it's starts to buck. There are no vacuum leaks, I've changed the fuel filter and mass air flow sensor with no change. Any ideas?

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See dealer for warranty.
There is no warranty. Do you think I have a low fuel pressure issue?
Sorry didn't read correctly. Possible low fuel pressure, need to get it tested. Any computer codes? Also possible coil on plug, should set code.
The only code was for a bad MAS, so I changed it. But that didn't fix the problem. I wanted to change the throttle position sensor, but on this year you have to replace the whole throttle body (about a $1000.00). I guess checking the fuel pressure is next. Do you have any other ideas? Thanks