my 2003 Infinti Q 45 has check engine, slip abs and traction along with vdc on 2003 Infiniti Q45

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mechanic checked codes cleaned throttle body, changed all 4 tires, and car drove fine for 3 days once car gas drops pass half tank all lights return and car begins to lose power, I have been dealing with this for weeks, it runs then dies, clear codes and keep gas filled and it occurs again, I can't afford dealer to fix but I need an answer soon, engine code said Throttle body . Any one have his problem this car started doing this when I lost gas cap, I replaced next day with one from Autozone, that did not correct problem so I purchaced one from Infiniti and still indicates problem I click 3 times feels tight but the vaccum seal is not felt or heard.
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What engine code did you have. Engine codes in nissan products trigger all the lights to come on because they want to get your attention. So it could be something simple.
Can't help without them.
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take it back to your mech as warranty item he might be missing something
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