my 2003 hyundai santa fe, is a 5 speed standard, 2.4 litre, the engine will tur on 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

the engine will turn over but it won't fire, it did this a bit , at first, if i turned the key off and tried it again it worked, but now i went to start it and it turns over but won't fire> coil?, maybe fuel pump maybe? i don't know

May want to confirm that your fuel tank has fuel in it. Sounds crazy but fuel gauge malfunctions do NOT have a failure indicator prior to failure. Also check fuse's too. If you find a blown fuse and it starts then drive it to your service station and point out which fuse was blown so they could determine the root cause.
a blown fuse for what? wht would a fuse have to do with the motor not firing? do you think its the fuel pump or coil??? explain the fuse to me? ed thanks actually i went out this mornig and it worked but the engine light is now on and i have no heater controlss ????? fuse????? not sure
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