My 2003 Ford Explorer is overheating on 2003 Ford Explorer

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my check engine light came on because of my truck overheating, I noticed it was out of Antifreeze so I refilled it. I drove a few miles and it is doing the same but no evidence of a leak when i filled it back up.
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If you don't see the coolant leaking under the car it has to be going somewhere. Either you have a blown head gasket which would make the car not run, you would smell and see this in your car but if the heater core has a leak the passernger floor board would be wet, or the coolant is going into the engine which you can find this out by pulling out your oil dipstick and see if the oil looks milky. If you do see this stop driving the car imediatly to avoid ruining the engine.
I dont see any coolant leaking when at idle, but after driving it a few miles it overheats and then all the coolant is lost, it does still drive after filling it up with coolant. Heat doesnt blow when coolant is gone though but does when I fill it back up. Dipstick shows just oil, not milky at all.